Lockdown Action Plan for Martial Arts Instructors

This package is an action plan to help martial arts instructors to be prepared for if we go into a mini lockdown in the future. It contains the plan of action that any Martial Arts school can follow should we be put back into further restrictions or another lockdown. This is based on a two week period and will show you how you can run your classes still, serve your students and take the pressure off yourselves throughout the lockdown period. It is available to you on your smartphone, laptop and pc 365 days per year! The great thing about this pack is that if you don't need to use it now it can be adapted to be used at any time of the year as just simply a fun section. Also some of the fun sessions included can be run as a in house fun day instead of on zoom.
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Video About This Action Plan

  • 2


  • 3

    Written Lockdown Action Plan

    • Lockdown Action Plan
  • 4

    Booking form, email templates

    • Booking form for the fun sessions
    • Email template to send to parents
  • 5

    Equipment List For Parents

    • Lockdown Activity Equipment List To Email To Parents
  • 6

    Scavenger Hunt Details For the 1 Hour Zoom Fun Session

    • Scavenger Hunt Game
  • 7

    Halloween Details For the 1 Hour Zoom Fun Session

    • Musical Statues Game
    • Exercise Bingo Game
    • Ghost Pop
    • Halloween Corners Game
    • Skeleton Balance Game
    • Spooky Spirt Destroyer
    • Dancing Competition
    • Chu Chu Wa Dance
    • Decorate Your Face Mask Competition
    • Cha Cha Slide Dance
    • Heads and Tails Coin Game
    • Post to market your party
  • 8

    Online Quiz

    • 30 General Knowledge Quiz Questions
    • 30 General Knowledge Quiz Answers
    • Picture Quiz for Kids and Answers
  • 9

    Jedi Camp

    • Routine with the lightsaber
    • Jedi Costume
    • Where to order Lightsabers from
    • How to make your own lightsaber
  • 10

    Weapons Fun

    • 1 hour Fun Weapons session
    • Make your weapon
    • Weapon Moves To Try
  • 11

    Games Fun Session

    • Spot the difference Fox
    • Spot the difference Fox answer
    • Spot the difference Simpsons
    • Spot the difference Simpsons answers
    • Word Search Older Kids age 10+
    • Word Search age 4-6 Kids
    • Word Search age 6-8 Kids
    • Word Search age 8-10 Kids
    • Bingo Fun
    • Toilet Roll Challenges
    • Guess the sound
    • Higher or Lower Card Game